This artikel discuss about OTONOMI DAERAH.MEANING OF REGIONAL AUTONOMY (OTONOMI DAERAH) Regional autonomy (Otonomi Daerah) is a state that allows regions to actualize all the potentials are the best he had to realize optimal.Dimana these circumstances, applies the proposition that basically all the issues properly submitted to the region to identify, formulate, and solve it, Read more

ARTIKEL Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia (MSDM)

This artikel discuss about Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia (MSDM).In doing SDM for SDM, there are three separate things that are still connected in the work that needs to be understood as follows: Strategic SDM SDM strategy, and SDM Organization. Strategic SDM is a process of SDM practices on the relationship of business strategy. Line managers Read more


This artikel will discuss about whether it actually Neoliberalism or Neoliberal Economic System?Neoliberalism is also known as neoliberal economic understanding refers to the political-economic philosophy that reduce or reject government interference in the domestic economy. The characteristics of Neoliberal Economic System: Focus on the free market methods A few restrictions on business conduct and the Read more

Beberapa Jenis Klasifikasi

1. Klasifikasi sistem alami Klasifikasi sistem alami dikemukakan oleh Aristoteles. Aristoteles membagi makhluk hidup menjadi 2 kigdom, yaitu hewan dan tumbuhan. Aristoteles membagi hewan menjadi beberapa kelompok berdasarkan habitat dan perilakunya. Sedangkan tumbuhan dikelompokkan berdasarkan ukuran dan strukturnya. Kingdom tumbuhan dibagi menjadi 3 devisi, yaitu herba semak pohon. karena kurang teliti, klasifikasi menurut sistem ini Read more


This artikel discuss about RESTRUKTURISASI DAN PRIVATISASI BUMNBefore taking steps to Restructuring and Privatization of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in relation to the Indonesian economy, they should our first question about the justification BUMN.Hal presence is important because what is the use to tamper with something that probably should not have rights economic life and Read more