This Artikel discuss about Sistem Ekonomi Kerakyatan.Definition “Kerakyatan Economic System“ In today’s era of reform, we often hear about the populist economic system compared with the prior written neoliberal.Pada economy we’re talking about neo-liberal economic system, and now let’s talk about what’s populist economic system?Economy system is the System of National Economy of Indonesia berasas Read more


This artikel discusses about the arbitration (ARBITRASE) or ONE FORM OF SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES OUTSIDE COURT. First, will be discussed about the definition of arbitration.Definition of Arbitration The word “arbitration” is derived from a foreign language is “arbitrare”. Arbitration is also known as or other terms that have the same meaning, such as refereeing or Read more


Definition of Economic Growth (PERTUMBUHAN EKONOMI)Thr definition is to be distinguished economic growth with economic development. Economic growth in this artikel, the author wants to emphasize that economic growth is just one aspect of economic development which emphasizes on improving the particular aggregate output per capita aggregate output.Economic growth can be interpreted as a process Read more

ARTIKEL Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia (MSDM)

This artikel discuss about Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia (MSDM).In doing SDM for SDM, there are three separate things that are still connected in the work that needs to be understood as follows: Strategic SDM SDM strategy, and SDM Organization. Strategic SDM is a process of SDM practices on the relationship of business strategy. Line managers Read more


This artikel discuss about biaya. The cost (biaya) has two main characteristics, namely the flow or decrease or increase in assets and liabilities associated with major surgery again. Loss differentiated because the cost comes from sources that are not directly related to the main operating company. Losses resulting from transactions, activities or sources of peripheral Read more