Apa itu Break Even Point (Titik Impas)

Dalam ilmu ekonomi, terutama akuntansi biaya, Pengertian titik impas (break even point) adalah sebuah titik dimana biaya atau pengeluaran dan pendapatan adalah seimbang sehingga tidak terdapat kerugian atau keuntungan. untuk menghitungnya bisa menggunakan rumus Atas dasar unit A. Rumus-berdasar unit FC BEP = ————– P – VC B. Rumus berdasar value FC BEP = ————– 1 – VC Read more


This Artikel examine about FOREX (VALAS).What Is Forex and traded in forex?FOREX (Foreign Exchange) or better known as the Forex (Foreign Exchange) is a type of trade transaction that country’s currency against other foreign currencies. With average daily volume of U.S. $ 2 trillion, Forex 46 times greater than all the combined stock market and Read more


This Paper discuss about operational audit (audit operasional). Audit performance audit covering economy, efficiency and effectiveness is essentially an extension of the conventional audit (conventional audit) which includes compliance auditing and financial auditing. One of the things that distinguishes the performance audit and audit is in the conventional audit reports. In a conventional audit, the Read more


This artikel discuss about manajemen data.Data processing system storing data electronically in a way to organize data units into smaller units greater in a structured and hierarchical. In detail, the data from the data hierarchy smallest to the largest data can be shown as follows: Field, which is the smallest collection of data elements stored Read more


Definition of populist/democracy economy system (Sistem Ekonomi Kerakyatan) In today’s era of reform, we often hear about the populist economic system compared with the prior written neoliberal.Pada economy we’re talking about neo-liberal economic system, and now let’s talk about what’s populist economic system?Economy system is the System of National Economy of Indonesia, which has a Read more