ARTIKEL TENTANG RISET KONSUMEN :Consumer research (Riset Konsumen) developed as an extension of the marketing research field to enable marketers to predict how consumers will react in the market and understand their reasons for the decision to buy. The results of market research and consumer research used to improve managerial decision making. MARKETING RESEARCH PARADIGMThe Read more


This artikel discuss about Persepsi Konsumen.Perception is defined as the process is individual to choose, organize and interpret stimuli into a meaningful image and sense of the world. Perception strategy has implications for marketers, because consumers make decisions based on what they feel, rather than on the basis of objective reality. PERCEPTION ELEMENTSSENSATIONSensation is the Read more

Skripsi PTK Improving Students Reading Comprehension on Narrative Text Using Narrative Video

SKRIPSI PTK IMPROVING STUDENTS READING COMPREHENSION ON NARRATIVE TEXT USING NARRATIVE VIDEO (MATA PELAJARAN : BAHASA INGGRIS) – (SMA KELAS X) CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study As an International language, English is very important in our daily life. Most electronic tools use English in their instructions, such as computer, rice cooker, washing Read more