Monetary Policy Article (Artikel Kebijakan Moneter) on this highlighted the role of monetary policy is its impact on Indonesia and the Economy Indonesia.Dalam free exchange rate system and perfect capital mobility, monetary policy is more effective than fiscal policy in an effort to achieve balance and monetary stability makroekonomi.Kebijakan larger role in stimulating recovery effective Read more

Pengertian (Definisi) Kebijakan Fiskal dan Kebijakan Moneter

A. Arti Definisi / Pengertian Kebijakan Moneter (Monetary Policy) Kebijakan Moneter adalah suatu usaha dalam mengendalikan keadaan ekonomi makro agar dapat berjalan sesuai dengan yang diinginkan melalui pengaturan jumlah uang yang beredar dalam perekonomian. Usaha tersebut dilakukan agar terjadi kestabilan harga dan inflasi serta terjadinya peningkatan output keseimbangan. Pengaturan jumlah uang yang beredar pada masyarakat Read more


Banking crisis in Indonesia today considered the most severe and relatively expensive in the world throughout the centuries ago.National Load bank restructuring costs incurred by the economy reaches 47% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). TWO MAIN CAUSES OF DESTRUCTION BANKS BEGAN WHEN THE INDONESIAN ECONOMIC CRISIS 1997 Too lax banking regulations, especially since the October Read more


This Paper discuss about operational audit (audit operasional). Audit performance audit covering economy, efficiency and effectiveness is essentially an extension of the conventional audit (conventional audit) which includes compliance auditing and financial auditing. One of the things that distinguishes the performance audit and audit is in the conventional audit reports. In a conventional audit, the Read more