This artikel discuss about Persepsi Konsumen.Perception is defined as the process is individual to choose, organize and interpret stimuli into a meaningful image and sense of the world. Perception strategy has implications for marketers, because consumers make decisions based on what they feel, rather than on the basis of objective reality. PERCEPTION ELEMENTSSENSATIONSensation is the Read more

The Relationship between Economic Growth and Government ‎Spending: A Case Study of OIC Countries

Heri Sudarsono Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Islam Indonesia Jalan Condongcatur Lingkar Utara Yogyakarta Indonesia Diterima 20 Oktober 2010 /Disetujui 5 Nopember 2010 Abstract: This paper presents the results for ‎testing for causal relationship ‎between economic growth and ‎goverment spending for OIC ‎countries covering the time series ‎data 1970~2006. There are usually ‎two propositions regarding the ‎relation between economic growth ‎and govern­ment spending: ‎Wagner’s Law states that as GDP ‎grows, the public sector tends to ‎grow; and the Keynesian ‎framework postulates that public ‎expenditure causes GDP to grow.


This artikel discusses about the arbitration (ARBITRASE) or ONE FORM OF SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES OUTSIDE COURT. First, will be discussed about the definition of arbitration.Definition of Arbitration The word “arbitration” is derived from a foreign language is “arbitrare”. Arbitration is also known as or other terms that have the same meaning, such as refereeing or Read more


This paper (makalah) examine about ‘Audit Informasi Surat Berharga’. Investment is an investment money out of companies that can be securities or other assets that are not used directly in the productive activities of the company. Investment can be done by purchasing stocks or bonds. Integration of foreign investment can be divided into two types., Read more


This artikel discussed about Utang Luar Negeri Indonesia and the opinion of Rizal Ramli about it. Former Coordinating Minister for Economy Rizal Ramli asked the government to cut foreign debt. Over the last four years, Indonesia’s foreign debt reached Rp 400 trillion. According to Rizal Ramli, one of the efforts pay off the debt by Read more