Ekonomi kerakyatan VS Neoliberalisme

Oleh: Drs. Revrisond Baswir, MBA — Tim Ahli Pusat Studi Ekonomi Kerakyatan UGM, Pengajar FE-UGM Yogyakarta, Ekonomi kerakyatan sangat berbeda dari neoliberalisme. Neoliberalisme, sebagaimana dikemas oleh ordoliberalisme, adalah sebuah sistem perekonomian yang dibangun di atas tiga prinsip sebagai berikut: tujuan utama ekonomi neoliberal adalah pengembangan kebebasan individu untuk bersaing secara bebas-sempurna di pasar; (2) kepemilikan Read more


This article examine about “ANALISIS PENYEBAB KRISIS EKONOMI“.Economic crisis of 1997 destroyed the global economy. Not view the economy of developing countries or developed countries. Although this crisis is more popular known as “CRISIS ASIA”, but not only Asian countries are affected. All have been affected by this crisis. Which in turn affects the quality Read more


Before discussing the problem of exports and imports of Indonesia, this artikel first will discuss the definition of exports and imports and its impact on Indonesia’s economy. Export is the process of transportation of goods or commodities from one country to another country legally, generally in the trade process. Export process in general is an Read more


This Artikel discuss about Sistem Ekonomi Kerakyatan.Definition “Kerakyatan Economic System“ In today’s era of reform, we often hear about the populist economic system compared with the prior written neoliberal.Pada economy we’re talking about neo-liberal economic system, and now let’s talk about what’s populist economic system?Economy system is the System of National Economy of Indonesia berasas Read more


This artikel discusses about the arbitration (ARBITRASE) or ONE FORM OF SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES OUTSIDE COURT. First, will be discussed about the definition of arbitration.Definition of Arbitration The word “arbitration” is derived from a foreign language is “arbitrare”. Arbitration is also known as or other terms that have the same meaning, such as refereeing or Read more