This artikel discuss about Reksadana (Mutual Fund).Mutual funds is the management of container and the pattern of fund / investor capital for a group to invest in investment instruments available in the market by buying mutual fund units. These funds then managed by the Investment Manager (MI) into the investment portfolio, whether it be stocks, Read more


This artikel discuss about RESTRUKTURISASI DAN PRIVATISASI BUMNBefore taking steps to Restructuring and Privatization of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in relation to the Indonesian economy, they should our first question about the justification BUMN.Hal presence is important because what is the use to tamper with something that probably should not have rights economic life and Read more

Skripsi Analisis Volatilitas Nilai Aktiva Bersih Antara Reksa Dana Campuran Konvensional Dengan Reksa Dana Campuran Syariah

KRIPSI ANALISIS VOLATILITAS NILAI AKTIVA BERSIH ANTARA REKSA DANA CAMPURAN KONVENSIONAL DENGAN REKSA DANA CAMPURAN SYARIAH BAB I PENDAHULUAN I.1. Latar Belakang Sesuai dengan Undang-Undang Pasar Modal no. 8 tahun 1995, pasal 1 ayat 27, reksa dana adalah suatu wadah yang dipergunakan untuk menghimpun dana dari masyarakat pemodal untuk selanjutnya diinvestasikan dalam portofolio efek oleh Read more


This Paper discuss about operational audit (audit operasional). Audit performance audit covering economy, efficiency and effectiveness is essentially an extension of the conventional audit (conventional audit) which includes compliance auditing and financial auditing. One of the things that distinguishes the performance audit and audit is in the conventional audit reports. In a conventional audit, the Read more


This artikel discuss about Pajak Internasional PRELIMINARY CONCEPTS Complexity of laws and rules that determine the tax for foreign companies and the profits generated abroad is actually derived from some basic concepts. This concept includes instilah tax neutrality and tax equity. Tax neutrality means that no impact (neutral) to the resource allocation decisions. In other Read more