This Paper discuss about operational audit (audit operasional). Audit performance audit covering economy, efficiency and effectiveness is essentially an extension of the conventional audit (conventional audit) which includes compliance auditing and financial auditing. One of the things that distinguishes the performance audit and audit is in the conventional audit reports. In a conventional audit, the Read more


This Artikel discuss about Auditing.Auditing is a systematic process to obtain and evaluate evidence objectively about asersi-asersi activities and economic events, with the aim of setting the degree of fit between the asersi-asersi criteria previously set and communicating the results to the parties concerned. A systematic process is a series of steps or procedures are Read more


This artikel examine about laporan keuangan sektor publik.Public sector financial statements (Laporan Keuangan Sektor Publik) represent the financial position of the transactions conducted by a public sector entity. General purpose financial reporting is Untk provides information on the financial position, performance and cash flows of an entity that is useful for large user sejmlah (wide Read more


This artikel discuss about biaya. The cost (biaya) has two main characteristics, namely the flow or decrease or increase in assets and liabilities associated with major surgery again. Loss differentiated because the cost comes from sources that are not directly related to the main operating company. Losses resulting from transactions, activities or sources of peripheral Read more

Audit Sistem Informasi

Audit merupakan sebuah kegiatan yang melakukan pemerikasaan untuk menilai dan mengevaluasi sebuah aktivitas atau objek seperti implementasi pengendalian internal pada sistem informasi akuntansi yang pekerjaannya ditentukan oleh manajemen atau proses fungsi akuntansi yang membutuhkan improvement. Proses auditing telah menjadi sangat rapi di Amerika Serikat, khususnya pada bidang profesional accounting association. Akan tetapi, baik profesi audit Read more