This paper (makalah) examine about ‘Audit Informasi Surat Berharga’. Investment is an investment money out of companies that can be securities or other assets that are not used directly in the productive activities of the company. Investment can be done by purchasing stocks or bonds. Integration of foreign investment can be divided into two types., Read more

Audit Investasi Surat Berharga

Investasi merupakan penanaman uang di luar perusahaan yang dapat berupa surat berharga atau aktiva lain yang tidak digunakan secara langsung dalam kegiatan produktif perusahaan. Investasi dapat dilakukan dengan membeli saham maupun obligasi. Investasi pada luar perushaan dapat dibedakan menjadi dua jenis., yaitu investasi jangka panjang dan investasi jangka pendek (marketable securities). Tujuan dari investasi jangka Read more


This artikel discuss about OTONOMI DAERAH.MEANING OF REGIONAL AUTONOMY (OTONOMI DAERAH) Regional autonomy (Otonomi Daerah) is a state that allows regions to actualize all the potentials are the best he had to realize optimal.Dimana these circumstances, applies the proposition that basically all the issues properly submitted to the region to identify, formulate, and solve it, Read more


This artikel discuss about Reksadana (Mutual Fund).Mutual funds is the management of container and the pattern of fund / investor capital for a group to invest in investment instruments available in the market by buying mutual fund units. These funds then managed by the Investment Manager (MI) into the investment portfolio, whether it be stocks, Read more