This artikel discusses the Corporate Strategy (Strategi Korporat) which includes 6 aspects.CORPORATE STRATEGY: EMERGENCY Olympian Acquisition-DRIVEN MARKET EXPANSION COMPETENCY-AND-CULTURE-BASED BUILDING CONTROL PERFORMANCE 1.EMERGENCY Business conditions: Companies in disarray The financial crisis / no expectations gap The threat of takeover / lose position Skills in the Company: Center intended to stop normal relations with business and Read more


This artikel ekonomi examine about Perbankan Syariah.Definition of Islamic Banking can be interpreted as a developed banking system based on sharia (law) Islam. Business establishment of this system is based on the prohibition in Islamic religion to pick up or borrow with interest or so-called ban on usury and investment for businesses classified as haram Read more

Apa Itu Akuntansi,..? (Arti Akuntansi)

Akuntansi adalah proses perencanaan, pengelompokkan, peringkasan dan pelaporan informasi-informasi akuntansi. a. Spesialis dalam bidang ekonomi  Akuntansi dibagi menjadi beberapa bagian yaitu : – Akuntansi keuangan – Akuntansi biaya – Akuntansi perpajakan – Akuntansi manajemen – Akuntansi pemerintahan – Akuntansi pemeriksaan b. Jabatan Jabatan dalam bidang akuntansi dibedakan menjadi – Akuntan public – Akuntan intern – Akuntan Read more