This artikel ekonomi examine about Perbankan Syariah.Definition of Islamic Banking can be interpreted as a developed banking system based on sharia (law) Islam. Business establishment of this system is based on the prohibition in Islamic religion to pick up or borrow with interest or so-called ban on usury and investment for businesses classified as haram Read more

Apa Itu Akuntansi,..? (Arti Akuntansi)

Akuntansi adalah proses perencanaan, pengelompokkan, peringkasan dan pelaporan informasi-informasi akuntansi. a. Spesialis dalam bidang ekonomi  Akuntansi dibagi menjadi beberapa bagian yaitu : – Akuntansi keuangan – Akuntansi biaya – Akuntansi perpajakan – Akuntansi manajemen – Akuntansi pemerintahan – Akuntansi pemeriksaan b. Jabatan Jabatan dalam bidang akuntansi dibedakan menjadi – Akuntan public – Akuntan intern – Akuntan Read more


This artikel discusses about Strategic Planning (Perencanaan Strategis). Strategy consists of corporate strategy and business unit strategy. Defined strategy based on goals set by upper management (profitability, maximize shareholder value, to assess risk and many stakeholder approach). Companies develop strategies to match the core competencies with industry opportunities. Kenneth R. Andrews proposed the basic concept Read more