This artikel discuss about Pajak Internasional PRELIMINARY CONCEPTS Complexity of laws and rules that determine the tax for foreign companies and the profits generated abroad is actually derived from some basic concepts. This concept includes instilah tax neutrality and tax equity. Tax neutrality means that no impact (neutral) to the resource allocation decisions. In other Read more


Banking crisis in Indonesia today considered the most severe and relatively expensive in the world throughout the centuries ago.National Load bank restructuring costs incurred by the economy reaches 47% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). TWO MAIN CAUSES OF DESTRUCTION BANKS BEGAN WHEN THE INDONESIAN ECONOMIC CRISIS 1997 Too lax banking regulations, especially since the October Read more

Ekonomi kerakyatan VS Neoliberalisme

Oleh: Drs. Revrisond Baswir, MBA — Tim Ahli Pusat Studi Ekonomi Kerakyatan UGM, Pengajar FE-UGM Yogyakarta, Ekonomi kerakyatan sangat berbeda dari neoliberalisme. Neoliberalisme, sebagaimana dikemas oleh ordoliberalisme, adalah sebuah sistem perekonomian yang dibangun di atas tiga prinsip sebagai berikut: tujuan utama ekonomi neoliberal adalah pengembangan kebebasan individu untuk bersaing secara bebas-sempurna di pasar; (2) kepemilikan Read more