The Relationship between Economic Growth and Government ‎Spending: A Case Study of OIC Countries

Heri Sudarsono Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Islam Indonesia Jalan Condongcatur Lingkar Utara Yogyakarta Indonesia Diterima 20 Oktober 2010 /Disetujui 5 Nopember 2010 Abstract: This paper presents the results for ‎testing for causal relationship ‎between economic growth and ‎goverment spending for OIC ‎countries covering the time series ‎data 1970~2006. There are usually ‎two propositions regarding the ‎relation between economic growth ‎and govern­ment spending: ‎Wagner’s Law states that as GDP ‎grows, the public sector tends to ‎grow; and the Keynesian ‎framework postulates that public ‎expenditure causes GDP to grow.


FORECASTING BUDGET is a budget that contains estimates-estimates of the activities the company activities in a certain period to come, and also contains estimates-estimates of the state or the company’s financial position at a time will come. Budget grouped into 2, namely: 1. Operating Budget 2. Financial Budget OPERATING BUDGET Company activities during this period Read more

Mengapa terjadi growth without development di provinsi kalimantan timur?

Abstract: This study attempts to examine to what extent growth without development has occured in East Kalimantan (Kaltim)? It will use several analyses, in particular regional ty­pology based on economic growth and Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP), leading sectors and subsectors, location pattern of those leading sectors and subsectors, and the struc­tural transformation. To analyse Read more


This Artikel discuss about Sistem Ekonomi Kerakyatan.Definition “Kerakyatan Economic System“ In today’s era of reform, we often hear about the populist economic system compared with the prior written neoliberal.Pada economy we’re talking about neo-liberal economic system, and now let’s talk about what’s populist economic system?Economy system is the System of National Economy of Indonesia berasas Read more


Definition of Economic Growth (PERTUMBUHAN EKONOMI)Thr definition is to be distinguished economic growth with economic development. Economic growth in this artikel, the author wants to emphasize that economic growth is just one aspect of economic development which emphasizes on improving the particular aggregate output per capita aggregate output.Economic growth can be interpreted as a process Read more