Perbandingan (pengertian) Swot Analisys dan matrix strategy

Swot Analisys SWOT adalah singkatan dari bahasa Inggris STRENGTHS (Kekuatan),WEAKNESSES (Kelemahan), OPPORTUNITIES (Peluang) dan THREATS(Ancaman). Analisa SWOT berguna untuk menganalisa faktor-faktor di dalam organisasi yang memberikan andil terhadap kualitas pelayanan atau salah satu komponennya sambil mempertimbangkan faktor-faktor eksternal.  Analsis SWOT dapat dibagikan dalam lima langkah: 1. Menyiapkan sesi SWOT. SWOT kemungkinan akan menghabiskan waktu 50 – 60 menit. Peserta dibagi dalam Read more


This artikel discusses about Strategic Planning (Perencanaan Strategis). Strategy consists of corporate strategy and business unit strategy. Defined strategy based on goals set by upper management (profitability, maximize shareholder value, to assess risk and many stakeholder approach). Companies develop strategies to match the core competencies with industry opportunities. Kenneth R. Andrews proposed the basic concept Read more


This artikel discuss about Reksadana (Mutual Fund).Mutual funds is the management of container and the pattern of fund / investor capital for a group to invest in investment instruments available in the market by buying mutual fund units. These funds then managed by the Investment Manager (MI) into the investment portfolio, whether it be stocks, Read more


This artikel discuss about Merger Perusahaan.BASIC rationale behind MERGER SynergiesThe main motivation behind most mergers is to increase the value of the combined company. If companies A and B combining to form a C corporation, and if the value exceeds the value of C and A and B, if viewed in isolation, then the synergy Read more