This artikel discuss about OTONOMI DAERAH.MEANING OF REGIONAL AUTONOMY (OTONOMI DAERAH) Regional autonomy (Otonomi Daerah) is a state that allows regions to actualize all the potentials are the best he had to realize optimal.Dimana these circumstances, applies the proposition that basically all the issues properly submitted to the region to identify, formulate, and solve it, Read more

Pengertian/Difinisi/Arti Manjemen Kas

MANAJEMEN KAS Terdapat tiga motif utama seseorang atau perusahaan dalam memegamg uang kas : 1) Motif transaksi: kas diperlukan untuk memenuhi pembayaran-pembayaran yang timbul dari kegiatan-kegiatan bisnis sehari hari 2) Motif berjaga-jaga; kas diperlukan untuk berjaga-jaga apabila terjadi kebutuhan pembayaran kas yang tak terduga 3) Motif spekulasi; kas diperlukan untuk melakukan transaksi spekulasi agar mendapat Read more


This artikel discuss about pendapatan.Income Definition (Definisi Pendapatan)According to the Indonesian Accounting Association (1999:233) in the Financial Accounting Standards book states that income is “gross influx of economic benefits arising from the normal activities of the company during a period when inflows had resulted in an increase in equity, which does not come from the Read more