This Artikel discuss about Auditing.Auditing is a systematic process to obtain and evaluate evidence objectively about asersi-asersi activities and economic events, with the aim of setting the degree of fit between the asersi-asersi criteria previously set and communicating the results to the parties concerned. A systematic process is a series of steps or procedures are Read more


Banking crisis in Indonesia today considered the most severe and relatively expensive in the world throughout the centuries ago.National Load bank restructuring costs incurred by the economy reaches 47% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). TWO MAIN CAUSES OF DESTRUCTION BANKS BEGAN WHEN THE INDONESIAN ECONOMIC CRISIS 1997 Too lax banking regulations, especially since the October Read more

Pengertian SISTEM INFORMASI AKUNTANSI (SIA) | Arti | Difinisi | Penjelasan |

aRTI INFORMASI: adalah data yang berguna yang diolah sehingga dapat dijadikan dasar untuk pengambilan keputusan. aRTI SISTEM adalah Kumpulan sumberdaya yang berhubungan untuk mencapai tujuan tertentu. SISTEM INFORMASI AKUNTANSI adalah kumpulan sumberdaya yang diatur untuk mengubah data menjadi informasi. SIA dirancang dan diimplementasikan bukan hanya untuk memproduksi saldo buku besar dari laporan keuangan yang disajikan, Read more


This artikel discusses the Corporate Strategy (Strategi Korporat) which includes 6 aspects.CORPORATE STRATEGY: EMERGENCY Olympian Acquisition-DRIVEN MARKET EXPANSION COMPETENCY-AND-CULTURE-BASED BUILDING CONTROL PERFORMANCE 1.EMERGENCY Business conditions: Companies in disarray The financial crisis / no expectations gap The threat of takeover / lose position Skills in the Company: Center intended to stop normal relations with business and Read more

Indonesia ‘top’ for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs face global challenges 25 May 2011 Last updated at 23:09 GMT By Andrew Walker Economics correspondent, BBC World Service Indonesia is the best place for entrepreneurs to start a business, a BBC survey has suggested. Indonesia was one of many developing economies that came out as pro-entrepreneur BBC.CO.UK.