Arti Kode Rahasia Pada Resep Dokter

Dokter seringkali memberikan resep dalam format tulisan “ceker ayam”. Dan kalau kita perhatikan seringkali digunakan singkatan latin untuk menuliskan resep seperti : Sig: I tab p.o. b.i.d p.c. yang artinya minum 1 tablet 2x sehari setelah makan. Ada baiknya kita tahu rahasia kode resep ini paling tidak sebagai tindakan preventif kalau dokter salah memberikan resep. Read more


This artikel examine about Sistem Teknologi Informasi Akuntansi.When computers and information technology components are combined in Accounting Information Systems, no major activity is added or deleted. Accounting Information System remain collecting, processing, and storing data. It produces reports and other information. Accounting Information Systems combines control of the counting data from beginning to end. However, Read more


This artikel discuss about OTONOMI DAERAH.MEANING OF REGIONAL AUTONOMY (OTONOMI DAERAH) Regional autonomy (Otonomi Daerah) is a state that allows regions to actualize all the potentials are the best he had to realize optimal.Dimana these circumstances, applies the proposition that basically all the issues properly submitted to the region to identify, formulate, and solve it, Read more


This Artikel discuss about manajemen.Management is a process of planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling resources to achieve objectives (goals) effectively and efficiently (Ricky W. Griffin). Management is usually classified into 3 levels: Operations of the lowest level, for example: supervisor Intermediate / Middle, example: the department head, division head Peak (Executive) / line, example: president Read more


This article examine about “ANALISIS PENYEBAB KRISIS EKONOMI“.Economic crisis of 1997 destroyed the global economy. Not view the economy of developing countries or developed countries. Although this crisis is more popular known as “CRISIS ASIA”, but not only Asian countries are affected. All have been affected by this crisis. Which in turn affects the quality Read more