This artikel examine about Sistem Teknologi Informasi Akuntansi.
When computers and information technology components are combined in Accounting Information Systems, no major activity is added or deleted. Accounting Information System remain collecting, processing, and storing data. It produces reports and other information.

Accounting Information Systems combines control of the counting data from beginning to end. However, computerized system of accounting information systems often change the characteristics of the activity. Data should be collected by using a special gauge, sometimes committed by accounting employees.

In some cases, often the source documents are sometimes lost. Most, but not all, stages of data processing occur automatically. The resulting output is clean and simple, consisting of different variations. In addition, the output can be distributed to other customers by contacting the local network that has connected with microcomputers.
The increase in data processing is necessary to implement the provision of computer technology:

  1. Transaction processing and other data more quickly.
  2. The accuracy of calculation and comparison of data better.
  3. Processing costs are less expensive for all transactions.
  4. More time to prepare reports and other data.
  5. More data storage space is short, with better access when needed.
Currently, many business transactions are transmitted through various types of electronic remote network. It could be a network of smaller networks that involve only a few computers in a specific business scope, or a very large network covering the entire earth. Whatever, the electronic network is a group of computers that connect electronically. Connection allows the company to comfortably assemble transaction data and distributing information to various locations that are physically

There are times when the network is classified in accordance with the scope of the network range. Netwok Local Area (LAN) is a network at a specific allocation, as in a building or group of buildings located adjacent to each other. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is a network that is in a particular city or metropolitan area. Wide Area Network (WAN) is a computer network that includes at least two metropolitan areas.

From the perspective of partikal, the main difference between the three levels of the network is the data stream that flows in the network. Associated with the hardware technology, the flow of data will flow faster through the Local Area Network and will be later than the Wide Area Network. But from the standpoint of accounting transaction processing, data flow differences are not too important.

In the past, each type of network has a certain type of hardware and certain software standards as well. In practice, every computer vendor provides standards different. As a result, at that time, the company prefers to communicate with other companies using the computer instead of letters. But the Internet has enabled the existence of a universal communication standard for all networks, and technology available today allows any type of computer in every type of jarinagn to exchange information with other computers around the world, with very easy and convenient.

The Internet is eleltronik line consists of various standards and protocols that enable computers in any location to communicate with each other. One of the best ways to describe the Internet is explain the history of the Internet itself. An early version of the Internet practically invented the cold war era, when the U.S. government to find means to maintain military communications during a nuclear war.

Various protocols and technologies related to the Internet has been so popular that many companies adopt the protocol and technology by means of internal communication within the company LAN. This phenomenon gave birth to the Internet in-house, known as intranets.

For those who are in the company, an intranet will appear as part of the Internet. In a sense, an organization’s employees can access corporate information repository in the same way they use to access local information anywhere on the Internet. The only difference is the intranet can not be seen or not available to parties outside the company. Or another alternative, some or all parts of the intranet can also be available to parties outside the company, after the intranet to be registered.

One variation of the intranet is the extranet. Extranet is intarnet of two or more firms are connected into one. Common extranet connect to a corporate intranet intranet intranet supplier or customer company.

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