This Artikel examine about FOREX (VALAS).
What Is Forex and traded in forex?

FOREX (Foreign Exchange) or better known as the Forex (Foreign Exchange) is a type of trade transaction that country’s currency against other foreign currencies. With average daily volume of U.S. $ 2 trillion, Forex 46 times greater than all the combined stock market and therefore the market is most liquid in the world. Forex market is a market that is open for 24 hours continuously.

What are the advantages Forex (Valas) Online compared to other investments:
-Forex has a 2 way opportunities, meaning you can make a profit 2-way, when the market rises or even when the market falls. This does not apply to other types of investment (opportunity 1 way), for example-saham. Forex Trading Opportunities for 24 hours a day 5 days a week, very high liquidity, meaning you can make buying and selling foreign exchange instantly at any time without having to wait whether there is a buyer or penjual.-existence Leverage function (the leverage / factor), which means that a relatively small capital you can generate returns far greater. Example: without leverage you will only get $ 0.01/point with capital $ 100. But with 1:100 leverage you can generate $ 1/point with the same capital ($ 100) .- There are many brokers forex (foreign exchange) online which provides commission-free facilities, the minimum capital is relatively small, transaction costs (spread) a small, free flowers (without usury, kosher for Muslims), automated trading facilities

What the pros Online Forex Trading (Valas Online) compared with the traditional trading (offline)?
-Many online brokers provide commission-free facilities, whereas offline brokers typically charge $ 50 put on each settlement / open to close positions, you can directly monitor your open positions and buy or sell decisions 100% on your hands. Good for when you want to close the position, how much you’d like to play, plug in what position, etc.-you can learn forex practice directly without using a broker service that is often less responsible for the profit / loss of clients (as though win or lose , in the end your broker will still get a commission), you can use a flexible number of lots (helpful for you who have limited capital), Spread (difference between selling price and buying) small (the smaller the better) so you probably higher profit – Distance message position (pending orders) are relatively small (10 points) and closed position usually only 1-5 points only. Compare with offline broker who must be a minimum of pending orders from running 30 points and closed positions at least 10 points in order to impas.-you to trade directly with service providers (brokerage) without an intermediary (middleman, often in Indonesia misconstrued as a broker), you’ll get a very valuable experience in how to practice and practice trading by opening a free demo account and use a lot of trading software available on-Available internet. many indicators, analysis, and trading software is very comprehensive on the Internet.

Online Forex Trading (Valas Online) is a high-risk jobs?
Usually people who suffered heavy losses in the forex world is greedy and wants to get rich quickly without taking into account the risks. Because foreign exchange is actually a business that requires patience, practice analyzing the market, and risk management. The more often you practice, the more adept you will analyze the market, and I guarantee you will not want to work longer a slave to money, but money will work for you. In forex you can determine how much profit will you earn and how much loss you can bear. So the point is that “actors” behind him. Not high-risk forex, but how the style of the traders themselves.

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