This Artikel discuss about Globalization (Globalisasi). Globalization is not a new phenomenon in the history of world civilization. Before the emergence of nation-states (nation-state), trade and transcontinental migration has long progress.Previously,regional trade has made the tribal interaction occurs naturally.

Various Definitions of Globalization

Globalization as a multi dimensional phenomenon at some point bear a variety of perspectives. On the one hand, the scientists think that globalization is a paradigm of science (grand theory) in a social science course, but if we look at the broader aspects of the globalization of the resulting implications of globalization also led to significant changes to the pattern of development of world science and technology .

Globalization as a concept is always synonymous with the concept of sovereignty of a country’s reduction, elimination of a state boundary, leading technology, refinement and development of the world trade transactions based on the idea of free trade.

In view of Japanese sociologists, such as Kenichi Ohmae globalization not only brings a global ideology in this case, liberal democracy, but also threaten the nation-state formation process, because globalization is essentially to bring the country without borders (Borderless).

In the early 1970s reached the stage of capitalist development and the pattern of gold at the technological developments that many adopt high technology development (high technology) but when the 1990s era of globalization comes the pattern of technological development became more humane and full of flavor.

Implications of Globalization

As an approach that has multi-dimensional implications of globalization must also be multi-implications, for example for example in the context of the development of social sciences will also indirectly implicated in changes in the world of science and technology.

In the late 18th century and early 19th century when steam engines were introduced, this time that the logic of capitalism as an economic ideology introduced.

On the other hand, the concrete in the political dimension, there are two consequences of the discovery of the steam engine, first, the competition for control of land between the landowners and the second, berkembanganya understand capitalism.

As a result of capitalism is then approaches in the social sciences to move beyond the emergence of capitalism anti Tesa ie Marxist approach, an approach that tried to break the chain and the rip cord pattern ‘serakahisme’ man.

In the era of the 1970s, capitalism reached the golden stage, a stage where the development of the world, especially developing countries and are building should be included in the scenario of modernization, the focus of modernization in third world countries when it is high technology-based development.

In the era that gave birth to a development scenario in the dependency (dependent development) between the third world countries and developed countries. On the other hand, this stage which gave birth to a new antitesa social science approaches in general, so-called neo-Marxist approaches.

If at this early stage of the campaign antitesa to eliminate human ‘serakahisme’ the economic dimension, then at an advanced stage of neo-Marxism led to the countries from the third world development scenarios in the dependency (dependent development) through economic independence and build a more robust network of inter – countries third world.

In the context of the technology world, the era of the 1970s due to the manifestation of the development of dependence (dependent development), the world’s nations three more major weight technological development such as machinery and manufacturing base and a little over humanism in the development of these technologies.

In more dimensions, globalization is also producing an approach that not only are the social sciences, but also ansich barking and tangent sciences development of science and technology. These effects are manifested at least in the paradigm changes in state policy from the pressures arising from globalization developments.

This is a contrast, when globalization became a major approach in the social sciences is the development patterns of dramatic technological change, technological developments in the current era of very detailed attention to aspects of humanism and not just talking just technology but also the aspect of art and aesthetics.

For example, HP or mobile phone at present is not merely a means of communication (phone and sms) alone, more than that, the HP’s enterprise vendors is no longer compete in terms of a spirit function culture-based competition ‘taste’ in every creation Hp as an example of Blackberry and Communicator. This concrete above which is the result of globalization approach which entered the realm of technological development. In the final conclusion, globalization is a multidimensional phenomenon that paved the limits not only the political dimension, economic, social, but also the implications to stage the world affect the development of science and technology.

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